Unknown Story
Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Can I still have the land?
  • Only if the the settlers become Mexican citizens
  • No more Americans can come into Texas!
  • LET US IN!
  • Spanish officials granted Austin a huge piece of land.Stephen F. Austin arrived in Texas just as Mexico took control of It. Mexican officials agreed to let Austin start his colony only if the settlers became Mexican citizens and joined the Catholic Church.
  • Most of the new immigrants in Texas showed little respect for Mexican culture and had no intention of becoming citizens. The Mexican government then closed Texas to further U.S. immigration and sent troops to Texas to enforce the immigration laws.
  • Please Houston, let me go!
  • Only if you and your troops leave Texas for good!
  • Many Americans in Texas Rebelled against the governments actions. Austin went to Mexico and presented the Texans' demands to the head of the Mexican government, Santa Anna. He then had Austin arrested for promoting rebellion.
  • I hereby declare Texas the 28th state or the U.S.
  • Santa Anna marched north with 6,000 troops to stop the revolt in Texas .About 180 Texan volunteers defended the town and they had taken over an old mission known as the Alamo. The Texans were vastly outnumbered and when Santa Anna's troops stormed their fort they killed every one of the Alamo's defenders.
  • After the battle of the Alamo the Texans were angry at Mexico. Sam Houston, the commander of the Texas revolutionary army, and his troops lured Santa Anna deeper into Texas and staged a surprise attack. They captured Santa Anna and in exchange of his freedom he ordered his troops out of Texas.
  • Texas had gained its independence, but many people still wanted it to become apart of the U.S. Some opposed the idea of adding another slave state. After James Polk was elected president, Congress voted to annex Texas and it became the 28th state.