Forces Project Period 9
Updated: 2/1/2020
Forces Project Period 9
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Sidd Ramesh and Saadaan Rathore

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  • I still can't feel the gravity of this situation
  • I guess that makes us inseparable!
  • I mean opposites do attract right!
  • You think you have a chance with Mia?
  • My shot's wet like water!
  • The astronaut's tether had been disconnected from the space shuttle. His partner makes the remark that he can not feel the gravity of the situation since there is no gravity in space.
  • Learn how to drive you moron.
  • I guess that was a smooth ride!
  • A nerd and a model are two different personas of people. So in magnetism opposite forces are attracted to each other, a positive force and a negative force.
  • Oh fric- I'm sliding on ice.
  • As the ball is traveling through the air, this is an example of fluid friction due to the fact the ball's motion is slowing down to the air resistance.
  • Thanks graivty, There goes my chances in the MLB.
  • You hit like a girl.
  • This is an example of elastic force because the car's shock springs stretch to smoothen the bumps during the car ride and the impact. The man in the joke is referring to his shocks, softening the bump as he ran over the bump.
  • Due to the player slipping and losing his static friction he begins to slide on the ice. Fric- is used to show friction, which is what causes him to slide.
  • Due to the earth's gravity the ball was pulled towards the ground and the batter's reaction time was to slow to hit it in time.
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