Mesopotamia inventions 2020 from Gianna C

Updated: 10/19/2020
Mesopotamia inventions 2020 from Gianna C

Storyboard Text

  • The wheel was made from large wood slabs and later on helped with irrigation, pottery, and milling.
  • The sailboat was square in shape with a sail made from cloth, this helped with traveling
  • The plow was made of wood and very heavy. But, it helped hunter-gatherers stay in the same place using agriculture for food rather than hunting.
  • Maps where 'sketches' on clay tabs used as a city map for military campaigns, and helped with hunting, and trading.
  • Urban civilization often used sun dried bricks. People often lived in houses, went to work, or were trading with other cities.
  • Astronomy and Astroligy made people believe that every good or bad event happened for a reason, but it also made us able to predict celestial events. It looked like it was drawn on a clay tab like a map.