Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Sofia is swimming at the beach
  • She is relieved that she got to shore safely
  • She swims as fast a she can to the shore
  • The circulatory system continues to make the heart beat fast but is starting to return to normal. The respiratory system is still causing heavy brething but it is returning to normal. The endocrine system stops producing adreniline and the nervous system send messages to the body that there is no more danger. The muscular and integmentary system work together to walk home. The digestive system begins to work again.
  • In the Nervous system the brain is sending messages to the body to fight or flight. In the Endocrine system adrenaline is produced and Integumentary system sweat is produced from sweat glands. In the circulatory system, the heart beats faster to supply more blood to the body and the muscular system. More oxygen is exchanged in the respiratory system. The digestive system stops and nutrients and energy is used in the systems that are important.
  • The nervous system tells the body to flight. The muscular and integumentary system work together to swim. The respiratory exchanges CO2 and Oxygen faster. The endocrine system produces adrenaline. The digestion system shuts off and the nutrients go to more important systems.