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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The Bicycle and the sweat shop
  •  Or ‘I don’t want you in ’ere just to look around! Either you forks out or you gets out!’
  • we hated Mrs Pratchett for was her meanness
  • The Great Mouse Plot
  • This, we decided, would be our secret hiding place for sweets and other small treasures such as conkers and monkey-nuts and birds’ eggs
  • Mr coombes
  • ‘’Ere’s another of ’em!’ I heard her yelling. ‘That one there!’ She was pointing at me now.
  • She was pointing at me now.
  • The chapter is about this boys that loved candy they passed to these candy shop in p5 it says that "No we didn’t, we never passed it. We always stopped".One thing they hated about the store was the owner they described her as an old hag.
  • Mrs Pratchett's Revenge
  • ‘I don’t want any lies,’ he said. ‘I know very well you did it and you were all in it together. Line up over there against the bookcase.’
  • ‘You,’ Mr Coombes said, pointing the cane at Thwaites,‘Come over here.’
  • This chapter is about the boys find a crack on p 1 it says that "My four friends and I had come across a loose floor-board at the back of the classroom".One day they find a mouse they decide to put it in one of Mrs Pratchett Candy jar.
  • First Day
  • Goodbye, Mrs Dahl. I shouldn’t linger if I were you
  • My mother got the message.She kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye and climbed right back into the taxi.
  • The boys think they killed on p 19 it says that "when an old person like Mrs Pratchett suddenly gets a very big shock" Mrs Pratchett but then the head master calls all the student to the playground.It say in p 44 that"Mrs Pratchett was alive!The relief was tremendous."They get caught and in trouble by Mrs Pratchett for putting the mouse in the jar.
  • The Matron
  • It was you, Perkins, was it not? Don’t lie to me, Perkins
  • And the Matron, as we all knew, would follow after him
  • The boys get called by the headmaster to he's office Mrs Pratchett and the headmaster are in the office.He tells one of the kids to bend down then he hits theme with the cane.When it was he's turn to shower he took of hes pants and she saw the cane marks.She goes to talk to the headmaster.On p it says that "She went straight downstairs and put on her hat."
  • It was Dahl fist day to hes new school and him and hes mother meet the headmaster.The headmaster also told Mrs Dahl to avery few weeks to send dahl some food because the headmaster doesn't want to was't money on the kids.On p 11"the kind of flashing grin a shark might give to a small fish just before he gobbles it up."
  • The boys floor is cared by a woman called the matron she does not really like boys.The matron would get mad at the boys like throwing a sponage she would send them to the headmaster.One of the boys did a prank on the matron no said who it was so she took the tuck keys.She put soap on one of the boy mouth because he was snoranig.
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