Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • A Lions claws help them grab on to and keep hold of their prey
  • Female lions have shorter manes to remain cooler in severe droughts and heat
  • The loose skin on the lion helps it if it gets kicked with little chance of injury
  • A lions sharp fangs help ensure a quick kill when hunting prey
  • Lions can survive long periods of time without water, instead using moisture from prey and stomach content
  • The elephants wrinkly skin helps them stay cool
  • The elephants flap their big ears to keep themselves cool
  • Elephants have long tusks to protect themselves and help them eat
  • There big size helps them from being attacked often
  • An elephants trunk helps it get food from high places
  • Penguins sit ontop of their eggs to keep the baby penguins warm
  • Thick blubber to stay warm
  • They have high body temperatures to stay active
  • Penguins can hold their breathe for a long time allowing them to stay underwater to find food
  • Penguins huddle together to stay warm
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