Updated: 5/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time there was a lovely family who lived in a house far away from the city
  • they liked to camp in the forest every year and have fun, the only bad thing was that they misused natural resources
  • they did things like: throw garbage to the floor, make bonfires near to trees, not extinguish cigarrets butts well and dirty the river.all of this without measuring the consequences
  • due of a badly extinguished cigarette butt a forest fire started, so many garbages and bonfires expand more and more the fire , they all fled but in their conscience remainded the knowledge that they killed so many living beings.
  • the little girl was traumatized from that moment she knew she had to take more care of the planet since it's her own HOME
  • from that moment she felt so bad but she began to do good actions for the planet and tried to make others aware of what they can cause