I am Malala Chapter 20
Updated: 12/3/2020
I am Malala Chapter 20

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  • I am MalalaBy: Malala Yousafzai
  • Malala has just been shot by a Taliban soldier. She slumps onto her friend's shoulder as the bus driver speeds to the hospital. Malala is rushed to the ICU. The news of the school bus shooting spreads very quickly, but Malala's father does not yet know that his daughter was a victim.
  • Malala has lost a lot of blood and she is unconscious with a bandage wrapped around her head. Malala's father, Ziauddin is devastated and scared. Colonel Junaid, a neurosurgeon, informs Ziauddin about Malala's injuries. The soldier's bullet didn't damage Malala's brain.
  • "My daughter, you are my brave daughter, my beautiful daughter."-Page 246
  • Malala's mother, Tor Pekai, prays with other women from the village. One of Malala's classmates stops by to drop off Malala's keys that were left on the bus, but Tor Pekai is in a state of distress.
  • "I don't want my keys, I want my daughter!" -Page 249
  • Tor Pekai and Malala's brother, Atal, arrive at the hospital to see Malala. Colonel Junaid conducts more tests and determines that the bullet probably caused splinters of Malala's skull to get stuck in her brain. This issue will require multiple surgeries to heal. Colonel Junaid decides to operate immediately instead of transferring Malala to another hospital. This decision saves Malala's life.
  • Colonel Junaid proceeds with the operation. He cuts off a small piece of Malala's skull to allow her brain to swell. Malala's parents wait anxiously for a progress report. Eventually, the team of doctors come back and say that she will be alright, but the recovery will be lengthy. Simultaneously, the Taliban have claimed full responsibility for the attack and threaten others who oppose them like Malala did.
  • Hoards of reporters and government personnel visit Malala after her procedure. They arrange for Malala's report to be sent to the best hospitals. Among the crowd are two doctors from Britain, Dr. Reynolds, and Dr.Kayani. They are not impressed with the medical facilities and suggest transporting Malala to a more advanced facility.