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The Story of Persephone
Updated: 4/18/2020
The Story of Persephone
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  • In the beginning, Zeus won the Sky. Poseidon won the Sea. Hades got the underworld.
  • Hades fell in love with Persephone. But He and Zeus both knew that her mother (Demeter) would not let the two marry.
  • From then on he would make a plan to take Persephone by force.
  • One day Hades heard that Persephone and the daughters of the ocean were out picking flowers At Mount Etna.
  • Hades decided that time time was ready and it had been enough waiting. So he went to take her.
  • Persephone bent down pick up a white narcissus, has soon as her fingers touched it there was a triable noise. the mountain spilt and out came Hades. He swept up Persephone and put her into the chariot. he was very proud of himself. So with that done they went to the underworld.
  • Three people had heard Persephone scream outcome one even witnessed the event. The god/goddesses who heard/witnessed what happened were Demeter who heard from very far away, then the god of the sun, and then the witch goddess.
  • As soon as Demeter heard her daughter yell out she went to look for her. Along the way she met the other two who heard/witnessed. One of them told her that he saw Hades take her. from then Demeter turned to rage.
  • Please Demeter a lot of humans are dying without your aid. Aid them Please.
  • Go Persephone, but do not forget that I have been kind and if you come back you still have command over the subjects here.
  • I beg of you Hades, For the gods/goddesses and mankind, release Persephone back to her mother.
  • Yes, I ate only a few pomegranate seeds.
  • And so Persephone was back with her mother.
  • Did you happen to eat anything while you were there in the underworld?
  • Persephone and everyone had thought she was free but it turns out she was not. due to fact she ate something down there. Now she could not escape.
  • Hades made a pact with his brother. that three months out of the year Persephone would live with him.
  • from there on everyone would remember the three months where nothing grows on earth. but frost and snow.
  • And that is the story of Persephone.
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