Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2
  • chapter 3
  • In chapter one George and Lennie were traveling together, to a ranch. George seemed annoyed with Lennie but still took care of him.
  • chapter 4
  • In chapter they arrive at the ranch and find there bunks. They also meet Curley the bosses son who right away doesn't like Lennie.
  • chapter 5
  • In chapter three Curley had became very angry and started yelling. Curley hit Lennie and George had started to encourage Lennie to fight back.
  • chapter 6
  • In chapter four Lennie meets crook in his room and Geaorge and the other guys had gone to town. Crook told Lennie that George was gonna leave him.
  • In chapter five Lennie accidentally killed his puppy, he also talks to Curleys wife about each others american dream. He then accidentally kills Curleys wife too, because he got scared.
  • In chapter six Lennie had become very scared and was visited by imaginary characters.In the end George realizes he has to kill Lennie.