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Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • The Han army was defeated in the battle and Cao Cao was forced to retreat to his home base. The Han Dynasty formally ended in 220 A.D. when the son of Cao Cao, named Cao Pi forces the Emperor Xian from his throne. When Cao Pi assumed the throne for himself, he became the emperor of Cao Wei, a new state.
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  • These are the Three kingdoms the Wei, Wu, and the Shu Han. First the Wei conquered the Shu Han, and then succceded in conquering the Wu. Lastly The Wei was in control of the whole country.
  • The Tang dynasty rose after the fall of the Han dynasty. The impact of the Tang dynasty spread further than just China, such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.
  • There were many great inventions made by the Tang dynasty, one of the major inventions was the Grand Canal. The Canal was attached to a network of canals that already lived through northern and southern China. The Grand Canal helped enhance trade and travel all over the Empire.
  • The Song Dynasty rose after the fall of the five kingdoms Period. The Song dynasty was a period of majestic cultural development. They had Paper money, trade guilds and movable type.
  • The leaders of the Song dynasty strengthened the education system and created a civil service exam, a test taken by the candidates for government jobs. A person's performance on the tests determined whether or not he received the job and the test were only open to men.
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