Gagne's nine events of instruction-

Gagne's nine events of instruction-
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Storyboard Text

  • Gain Attention
  • Good morning, class! Before we start our lesson, let's watch a video first.
  • Describe the Goal
  • Objectives:
  • 1. Explain the different principles and concepts of evaluation2. Explain the difference of the different PT examination and evaluation techniques3. Discuss the basics of PT evaluation and know when and how to perform.
  • Activate Prior Knowledge
  • PT evaluation is important because we need to know why the patient needs our treatment.
  • We need to ask the appropriate questions to our patients for we will be doing this everyday once you work.
  • And we need to know what kind of treatment will we give to our patient.
  • The PT professor begins by gaining our attention through presenting a video of how PT evaluates a patient, which is our topic for the day.
  • Present the Material
  • Patient history
  • Next, he presents what the student should be able to attain at the end of the session.
  • Provide Learner Guidance
  • What do we do when the patient we're evaluating at the moment has high blood pressure?
  • Since the students have taken up 'Intro to Patient Care' before,PT professor reminds them and emphasizes how important PT evaluation is to our profession.
  • Elicit Performance
  • Maria, you will evaluate your patient, Carl, who has been experiencing back pain.
  • PT professor proceeds to the lesson by discussing and explaining it through a lecture with a powerpoint presentation.
  • 1. Age and Gender2. Occupation3. Why the px need PT4. What is the MOI5. Onset of the problem6. Signs and symptoms7. Movements of position that aggravates and relieves the symptoms
  • After the lesson, PT professor entertains questions from the students to make sure there is understanding and learning in them.
  • Any questions, clarifications, or violent reactions?
  • Teaching and learning is continued in the laboratory where students are able to practice evaluating 'patients' between themselves with the PT professor overlooking.
  • Make sure to ask the appropriate questions.
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