social studies
Updated: 1/5/2020
social studies
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  • Son Mao is going to make us equal with the peasants.
  • what does that mean?
  • that means we have to help the peasants.
  • Dad and Mom, Why are we here?
  • look what Mao did he is a genus maybe he's not that bad.
  • I don't fell well either.
  • Mao doesnt pay attention to the people.
  • there is not enough food for us.
  • Mom I'm really hungry.
  • OK start Red Guards.
  • Mao takes over:In this scene Mao is taking over of China and Mao wants the peasants to be equal with the people with money.
  • I love how Mao is good for China. He saves us all. he is the best.
  • Five year plan: In this scene Mao is working on the railroads and he is upgrading pretty much everything streets houses building everything.
  • This is what you get for saying that you are not loyal to Mao.
  • please don't hurt me please!!
  • The great leap forward: In this sign i made them hungry and not felling well because Mao in the great leap forward he wasn't making enough food for the peasants and other people in China.
  • when can we stop working.
  • The Cultural Revolution: in this scene the Red Guards are reading the book because in the Cultural Revolution. Teachers would make the students read a book about Mao and reading good stuff about him.
  • The Cultural Revolution: in this scene The red guards are treating the teacher because he isn't loyal to Mao. In the Cultural Revolution the Red guards were always looking for people that aren't loyal to Mao to hert them
  • The Four Modernisation: People were made to work a lot more then they did ever ,so China can improve.
  • when I tell you to stop.
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