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Updated: 3/16/2020
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  • Is Andrew Jackson worthy of being on the $20 dollar bill?
  • no way hes terrible!
  • no!
  • The Jacksonian Democracy is when Andrew Jackson gave voting rights to only white common men. This isnt fair because I feel that voting should allow everyone to vote including women and any race.
  • that isn't right that only white men get to vote
  • that's not fair!
  • 10% of republicans in this office will be replaced by democrats and that 10% is you.
  • Andrew Jackson created a spoils system where he replaced 10% of the republicans with democrats because it benefited him. This wasn't good because maybe these people weren't as qualified and now there are more democrats which is not fair.
  • Jackson hears that their has been gold found in the Native American's land and now forces them ouit even though they have the right to be there. Jackson sided with the states and did not listen to the government which was unconstitutional and forces them out.
  • All of you must move west!!
  • Andrew Jackson came into presidency there was an increase in tariffs that is called the Tariff of Abominations. States have the rights to reject any federal law if its considered unconstitutional
  • no states do not have the right of nullification
  • Andrew Jackson vetoed the National Bank renewal because he didn't like how powerful it was. He made the bank close and deposited all the money into state banks. This was bad because it caused the United States economy to crash and Andrew Jackson is to blame for it.
  • I have made the decisio t veto the renewal of this bank
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