Updated: 9/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • God is our creator! And we have a mission to fulfill! I will help you discover 'Who Christ is"
  • Your God left us and did not spare us from poverty!
  • Go away!! or we will burn down your church and will stone you!!
  • What is he saying?
  • Let then your Lord save us from this hell!
  • No! The Lord is true and with us!
  • and when you do, you will believe and him. So come and help the church to fulfill its duty.
  • Soon you will see the power of the Almighty!
  • We will only believe if he will save us from death!
  • Just leave!!!
  • We don't have any machines in hand right now.
  • My heart is aching for a long time now! It's getting harder to breathe!
  • Sir i'm just gonna give you some ibuprofen!
  • Let's Go
  • Why?! What happened?
  • Hey, my dad is really sick right now. Can you come by and still pray for him?
  • It is too late to do CPR...
  • We can continue to pray for him, as I revive him.
  • "Try anyway..."
  • He died 20 minutes ago...
  • We will try... we will try.
  • Lord, we ask for your guidance...
  • Dear Lord, in your presence. I trust in you. For you whispered in me to try and save this man... and I will try.
  • They do not believe in the Lord.