Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Surrounded by their fellow students, Carlos energetically goes over to Derrick's seat to talk to him.
  • Hey, Derrick, did you study for the quiz later?
  • Oh no! I totally forgot!
  • It turns out that the voice that called out to them was from none other than the principal.
  • As the school bell rings, the students in the classroom hurriedly went over to their rightful seats, as their animation teacher enters the room shortly after the school bell rang.
  • Derrick, Carlos, won't you politely come over here.
  • Can I ask you two a question?
  • Well, I hope all of you have studied in advance for the quiz. We will now begin the test.
  • Of course, Ma'am
  • After the animation teacher have passed out all of the quiz papers to the students, the students quickly answered the quizzes in careful fashion. All of the students appear to have breezed through the quiz, except for Derrick who appears to be struggling.
  • As the animation teacher took back the quiz papers, everyone orderly handed over theirs in orderly fashion, except for Derrick who appears to be afraid as he passed his papers.
  • Why do you two feel the need to shout at the top of your lungs?
  • We're sorry Ma'am, we didn't realize our voices were so loud.
  • Derrick smiled in gratitude at his animation teacher as he walks out the classroom politely along with his classmates.
  • The principal nodded in agreement to Carlos' response.
  • You will be retaking the quiz next week, now, have you finally learned your lesson?
  • Derrick, why is half of the questions in your quiz paper blank?
  • You may now go.
  • Am I Sure that I don't have to ask you two again this question? Have you learned your lesson from this?
  • Yes Ma'am, we must always act respectfully and show good manners in school grounds.
  • Yes sir, I will not forget any reminder you give me from now on. I will be listening properly now, sir.
  • Sir, I'm sorry, I completely forgot that there was a quiz today, so I wasn't able to study for it.