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Updated: 2/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • stamp act
  • and if we don't we get in trouble unfair
  • you herd the king
  • what now the sugar act now this
  • indian war
  • sugar act
  • well that sucks for you and me
  • now i have to pay taxes for dang bread
  • Because the sugar act did not pay all the money they used for the french and Indian war so they made the stamp acted to help pay off their debt. Which the stamp act was were you have to pay to have stamps on your paper and if you did not you 1765 would have to pay for what you did
  • The french and Indian war
  • no we will put up a fight
  • England did not want to fight with the Indians and that started it
  • the quarter act
  • so now Quarter
  • The causes of the sugar act is cause they need money because the had the french and Indian war and they needed to pay off the money they spent on the war and had to charge there people for taxes for goods on all the stuff which did not help make
  • here is the colonies........
  • .The french and Indian war was fought in the American Colonies between 1754 and 1763. because the french was going west to the Ohio river and the British wanted the land the french. wanted cause they wanted to trade with other people using the rive
  • we want your land
  • it was to acts to give the soldiers to have housing and food to keep them safe
  • The Sons of Liberty formed out of a number of smaller protest groups in 1765 in response to the Stamp Act. The first group was likely formed out of the "Loyal Nine" in Boston with other groups soon forming in New York and
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