Evolution Project
Updated: 5/26/2021
Evolution Project

Storyboard Text

  • P
  • There was a planet name Gabal that had a species named turloids with a purple and red colored skin. Life had been good for 3000 years until they were invaded by a territorial species
  • Life is great!
  • What will we do?!
  • Gabal was attacked by another species of alien called urbuls that were unable to notice the color red and has bad eyesight when finding specific food.
  •  I think we may be done for!
  • Purple food!
  • I see a purple one!
  • As time progressed, the turloids with purple colored skin were killed whilst red colored skin turloids survived and reproduced and later developed the ability to camoflouge whilst having red skin
  • I’m sorry but it’s natural selection!
  • Purple skinned turloids began to dwindle in population as the red turloids increased.p due their main predator being unable to see the red turloids
  • Noooooo! Why did I have to have purple skin!
  • After multiple generations of turloid offspring, eventually the purple kind disappeared and only the red remained. This led to the Urbuls giving up since they couldn’t find the purple kind anymore.
  • I’m glad that I was born red!
  • I give up!
  • After the Urbuls gave up, they left to find another species to eat which allowed for the red turloids to strive. This eventually led to them making a large population of red turloids and creating a new society that breeds them.
  • Life is great!