Unknown Story
Updated: 6/4/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Robert is leaving his house to go to college. He will be attending MIT.
  • Robert is excited to be studying his major in computer science.
  • Robert has his first day of school. He is excited to see his professor Robert.
  • Hi Robert this class is an introductory to programming.
  • Robert has never take. Programming so he is very excited to pursue his passion.
  • On the second day of class professor Stewart talks about functions.
  • Robert understands functions but feels like he’s missing key topics.
  • A function is a collection of commands given a name.
  • Roberts loves how modern the school is and how he gets to live independently.
  • Robert misses his family Back in Oregon but is loving college.
  • Professor Stewart writes that a four loop is something that runs a block of code.
  • Today in class Robert is learning about four loops.