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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • "Each of us are bound by are individual knowlege all that is what we call reality"
  • So much knowledge!
  • how did you..gulp
  • GASP
  • you prosecuted many people even family members
  • In 480 bc, Athens there was a Man named Calikles who was a man of knowledge. He loved knowledge and he used them to his advantage like making amazing speech but he wanted more.
  • how dare you insult me I am a god but I will hear what you have to say
  • I I challenge you to see who has more knowledge but we both have to bet something
  • After, he would spent most of his time in the library people didn't think much of it because wanting knowledge was common, but they didn't know what he would use it for.
  • 224...huh how dare you insult me again
  • what is 56x4
  • I never lose to someone like you or anyone
  • Then, he would also use his knowledge to gain political power. he would make sure to win by hiring mercenary's to find out their terrible secrets and using it against them.
  • this should teach you a lesson
  • he wanted to be the most smartest and powerful man in Greece but there was one that stood in his way. Poti son of Athena god of knowledge and technology . he taunted him challenged him until he finally show up filling the air with grew and lightning with a glow upon him.
  • After, Calikles challenged Poti to a knowledge test to see who was smarter but he betted his life while Poti bet power and money. It wasn't going good for Calikles so he decided to take matters in his own hands.
  • Last, he tried to stab a god but of course that didn't go well and as punishment instead of killing him he turned him into a mouse for his Greed and disrespect.
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