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Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Ay, my Lord, so you will not o'errule me to peace.
  • If it be so, Laertes... will you be ruled by me?
  • Hamlet sucks at fencing.
  • We could use that to kill him!
  • I have bad news. Laertes, Ophelia drowned!
  • Claudius and Laertes are having a conversation then a messenger comes in and gives Claudius a letter. The letter is from Hamlet saying he is on his way back to Denmark which then leads to their agreement of them both wanting Hamlet dead.
  • Laertes and Claudius are plotting a way to kill Hamlet when he returns. They know that Hamlet is jealous of Laertes being better at fencing than him, therefore, they set up a plan using fencing because with fencing, his death could be an accident. They're going to put poison on Laertes's sword and if that doesn't work out, they're going to have a drink that has poison in it for Hamlet to drink.
  • Queen Gertrude then walks in and starts to give them both bad news. Gertrude tells them that Ophelia had just died. She explains to them that Ophelia was trying to reach for something in the tree, but she fell into the river and she drowned.