Unknown Story
Updated: 2/17/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Conflict
  • Exposition
  • I'm coming with you !
  • Climax
  • Just another day being black getting accused for who knows what I've been running for five blocks and still have three more to go. Catching cramp and gaining bruises but I continue to keep going.
  • Rising Action
  • Ditched the police just walking trying to get home as I'm walking I come cross Kareem's house a 9 year old little boy. There he was sitting on the steps as I continue you walking he runs down and follows me.
  • Climax
  • I told Kareem he can't go because I'm tired and have to set the store up. He ignores everything I say and continues to follow me.I get to my grandfathers store and see flowers and murals in remembrance of his life in the lot.
  • Resolution
  • As I walk in the store and start to set up my grandmother comes down in the garage and begins to fuss at me. She wants to close the store because my grandfather was murdered she hates that I want to keep the store open. 
  • That blew over but then Kareem got to talking and carrying on about why would someone do such a thing what was the reason. Then out of no where he called out and odd name he said it repeadeatly he said " he is the one who killed your grandfather I know where he stays lets go get him".
  • Kareem kept going on and on about this man and was giving ideas that he knew why and how he knew the man did it. Before I took him back home he had a brown bag he opened it and pulled out a gun. My face was in shock I hurried and took the gun from him because you shouldn't answer violence with violence. I walked him home and knocked on the door while he was shouting no don't do it. His father answered the door and I gave him the gun he said that Kareem is crazy. I went back to my grandparents place and continued to explain to my grandmother why we should keep open and finish to sell I believe my grandfather would've wanted it that way.