Osborne- Civil Rights Movement 2nd Hour.
Updated: 2/11/2020
Osborne- Civil Rights Movement 2nd Hour.
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  • I am not giving up my seat! I am staying right here.
  • You have to move to the back of the bus. that's what people like you do!
  • Brown V. Board of Education- Supreme Court passed a law to allow integrate blacks and whites to go to the same school., it was unconstitutional to have the separated because they were not equal. This happened on May 17 1954. This event is important because it treated people equally at schools.
  • We want segregated buses!
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott- This event involved Rosa Parks, who was an African American woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man and was arrested. This happened on December 5 1955- December 20 1996. After this day, many African Americans boycotted and did not ride the public buses until they were granted racial equality
  • We should be able to vote! We all have equal rights
  • Little Rock School Crisis-9 African American people enrolled into an all white school. It was a test to see if the law that Supreme Court passed in 1954(Brown V Board of Education) will follow through. This event was important because it allowed integrate in school. This happened in 1957.
  • October 16 1995
  • Freedom Riders- This was a group of 7 African Americans and 6 Whites, to participate in bus rides in southern states to protest about segregated bus terminals. This event changed the perspectives of many people about collaboration of blacks and whites.
  • We are all people and need to get treated equally.
  • Selma march- This event was a march to protest about allowing African Americans to vote. There were as many as 25,000 black people led by Martin Luther King Jr. to protest. This happened on March 21-25 1965. This was important because it eventually allowed all black people to vote but there was violence involved too.
  • Million Man March- This event was important because about 400,000 to 1.1 million African American people walked at the Mall of Washington to prove that they are people too and they deserve equal rights as white people. All of this went on for 10 hours and it was a non-violence march. This happened on October 16 1995.
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