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Anne Gabriel
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  • A good friend has gone to a bad friend. Anne Gabriel
  • Jenny is a 22-year-old hard-working woman. She is Haitian and raised by Haitian parents, which are known to be strict. Growing up, the only places she was allowed to go to were the three L's. Which are lekol, legliz, lakay. Which translates to School, church, and home.
  • Never be too busy for your friend because you don't know how many sacrifices she's making to hold on to that same friendship that you are neglecting.
  • Not being able to socialize is why Jenny developed a shy character. At the beginning of tenth grade, Jenny met a girl named Melissa, and since then, they have become inseparable.
  • Sadly Melissa had to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, while Jenny had to stay in New York to finish her bachelor's in psychology.
  • Although those two best friends talked daily, it was more difficult for Melissa because she had moved to a different state.
  • During this period, Jenny saved from her paychecks at the fast food where she works and from selling her car. To buy tickets so that she could surprise her friend.
  • Jenny didn't know what was happening in her friend's life, nor did her friend in Jenny's life because her friend started to decline her calls without telling her why and not calling her back.
  • But Jenny kept being understanding because she was expecting her to be busy. But not neglect their friendship.
  • Jenny started to doubt her friendship with Melissa. After everything that she went through to surprise her, she started having second thoughts.
  • She started sending letters instead of calling her friend, because she wanted Melissa to know how she was destroying the friendship that they have.
  • Melissa finally wrote her back, and Jenny was thrilled. She didn't know what was waiting for her in that letter, but as she read it, she realized their friendship was over.
  • Jenny kept asking herself what she had done wrong, and to think that she sold her car to surprise her ex-friend, and now she has no one to return to.
  • She felt abandoned and betrayed because she knows that she gave her all for the friendship. And to think that Melissa did not even giver her a reason.
  • She started to focus on herself. She got another car with the tickets money. She started to go to therapy. And grew more and more everyday. There are days that are worse than the day before. But it's all part of her healing process.
  • Jenny didn't stop making friends because she knew that what happened wasn't her fault. And if it was meant to be, they would find each other again.
  • The End.
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