Han Dynasty to Song Dynast
Updated: 1/16/2020
Han Dynasty to Song Dynast
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  • Taoism is the best!Confucianism can go die in a hole with the Han Dynasty.
  • General Cao Cao of the Wei kingdom was the strongest of the three leaders and conquered the Shu-han kingdom in 263, thus starting the Wei dynasty. However, this dynasty did not last long as a Wei general turned against the throne and seized it for himself, s the Jin Dynasty. However, this dynasty did not last long and was not influential to the history and development of China.
  • Wei Kingdomnorthern China territoryestablished in the year 205 by general Cao Cao Wu Kingdomcentral and lower Yangtze valleyestablished in the year 222 by General Sun Quan Shu-han Kingdommodern-day Sichuan regionestablished in the year 221 by Liu Bei
  • I am the most bestest ruler ever! I created so many new customs that benefit the dynasty. For example, I made taxes, laws, and land distribution simpler and more fair than they were in previous eras.
  • The Han Dynasty falls due to the Yellow Turban Revolution formed by unrest and dissatisfaction from the working class. Confucianism is replaced by Taoist values.
  • I just did the world a huge favor
  • China breaks into three kingdoms, starting the Three Kingdoms period (三國).
  • Silk Road, mate. I didn't even go to China- I traded with some Arabian merchant for a very good price.
  • The Sui Dynasty is founded by another general during the warring period after the Jin dynasty. This time is a golden age full of prosperity that brings wealth and many new innovations.
  • The Emperor is bad! LET'S START A REBELLION!
  • Welp... bye people
  • Yangdi, the next emperor, weakens the government by being greedy and ending up murdered by one of his court officials. His son Gongdi reigns for less than a year before Li Yuan overthrows him and starts the Tang Dynasty.
  • During the Tang Dynasty, China goes into a golden age. Neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea recognise China as the dominant force, and trade on the Silk Road brings many ideas, goods, and other effects of cultural exchanges.
  • Rebellions break out, causing the Emperor to flee west to the Sichuan region and escape them. These rebellions are stopped eventually but with the sense of unity lost, the Tang Dynasty collapses into five separate kingdoms.
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