Unknown Story
Updated: 3/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Title
  • Mistories of England
  • Character 1 Jamal Adams
  • Emma Crooks
  • Exposition
  • Hi My name is Jamal nice to meet you
  • Hi I am Emma what an honor to meet you
  • Wow Emma that's really nice tell me more about yourself.
  • Jamal Adamas is a tall guy with curly hair that just moved into the city of Manchester
  • Inciting
  • I all ready told you lots of things about me. You haven't told me much things about you tho.
  • Emma croock is from the city and she has blonde hair colored eyes she likes to be nice shes goof person she dosent like getting lied to.
  • Rising action
  • Emma I want to tell you something, but I'm scared
  • OMG Jamal, Just tell me you know that I love everything you tell me
  • Emma and Jamal meet, they begin to be friends and they begin to bound, Emma catches feelings fro Jamal right when they met. Jamal likes Emma too but she doesn't know Jamal past witch can hurt them later on in the story
  • Emma and Jamal have now met and they got to know each other Emma tells him that she lives with her dad. Jamal tells Emma that he came here by himself and doesn't have a family with him here in manchester. They have now bound a became really good friends later they go into a better relationship
  • Jamal now has felling for Emma, He doesnt know how to tell her because he is scared that she will ask about his past because he never told her, he doent want her to know that he lied to her,because when they ment he remebers that she told he hates lies.