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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Constituency
  • Hi, what is this place?
  • Hey, i am the MLA of this constituency. it means that i am the leader of this area in Alberta. Did you know that there is 87 constituency's in Alberta. And that every one has a leader just like me. some constituency's are really big and others are very small.
  • MLA
  • An MLA is a lot like a city council except they work in parts of provinces. Our job is to listen to the Legislative Assembly and our Constituency.
  • What do you do as an MLA?
  • Legislative Assembly
  • A Legislative Party is when the government brings all 87 constituency leader's together and we make decisions together.
  • what is a legislative party?
  • A Constituency is a small piece of Alberta. There are 87 Constituency's in Alberta and each one has a leader or an MLA.
  • Political Party
  • A Political Party is when a group of politician's come together in a group and talk about how to run Alberta.
  • An MLA is pretty much a city council but for constituency's or parts of Alberta. Their job is to win elections, win seats for assembly, then be elected for the new government.
  • Cabinet Minister
  • A Cabinet Minister is someone who is in charge of ministries. Ministries are sections of the government that make sure local people are getting the services they need.
  • The tools they will need for a legislative party are speaker,Mace, Government MLA's, Opposition MLA's public gallery, media gallery.
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • A Lieutenant Governor is someone who is picked by the Governor General of Canada to be in a Government meeting, they will usually start the meeting with a speech, then they will eventually end the meeting by choosing the new law
  • When the election happens for all of the party's, one party is chosen to be the new government.
  • What is a Political Party?
  • Ministries can be a bunch of different services, like water, education,electricity etc.
  • What is a Cabinet Minister?
  • A Lieutenant Governor is not allowed to be in a Political party, and cannot make changes to certain party's idea's. Lieutenant Governors represent the "Monarch" or the Queen of England in Alberta.
  • What is a Lieutenant Governor?
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