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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Do not let the outsiders in!
  • You have been warned!
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  • The people in the narrator's fairy tale live in a suburb. It seems like a very nice place to live, "who loved each other and lived happily after after" (Gordimer 12) It makes us think this is a happy story because it adds the "happily ever after.
  • Lines 114-138
  • I will not give them the tea and bread. They will shove me into a cupboard
  • They look so hungry though...
  • The people in the fairy tale have a threat, and the wise old witch is giving advice to an oncoming threat. It seems like a treat they are very scared of, "There were riots, but these were outside the city, where people of another color was quartered." (Gordimer 8). The family change as they set up a system to protect them from strangers. They're more scared.
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  • This wall with barbed wire seems good
  • The people in the fairy tale have a bigger threat as people are breaking in and using or taking their items. It seems that it's getting worse. "The alarms called to one another across the garden in shrills and bleats and wails that everyone became accustomed to" (Gordimer 10) The family change as they got an alarm, but it doesn't work well as everyone is used to it. They are getting more scared of other people.
  • The end/Theme
  • The people in the narrator's fairy tale don't like poeple of other race. They seem to be scared of the other people. "The wife could never see anyone go hungry. She sent the trusted housemaid out with bread and tea, but the trusted housemaid said these were loafers and tsotsis, who would come and tie her and shut her in a cupboard. (Gordimer 11) The family change as their view on the other people change. In this case, the wife view change on the people on the street as evil people.
  • Fair enough...
  • The people in the fairy tale look at walls to protect their home. They decide to choose the deadliest wall, " Placed the length of walls, it consisted of a continuous coil of stiff and shining metal serrated into jagged blades, so that there would be no way of climbing over it and no way through its tunnel without getting entangled in its fangs." The family home change as it was fortified with a barbed wire. The family changed as it is more scared of the people outside.
  • We can ask Consult DRAGON'S TEETH The people For total Security to install one. 
  • At the end, the boy died by the barbed wire that was meant to protect their home. At the end, the addon to their home did not protect them, but took from the family instead. At the end, the family changed in ways that harmed the family instead. The theme of the story is that there is a link that is between racism and fear. In this case, the fear of the people outside, the people that have a different skin color, ended up killing their boy.
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