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Storyboard Project due next Tuesday
Updated: 9/23/2020
Storyboard Project due next Tuesday
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  • I wish for everything I touch to turn to gold!
  • The smell of the flowers have vanished!!!
  • The setting of this story takes place in the home of King Midas. Marygold is King Midas's daughter and she's a bright, joyful and happy person. King Midas loves his daughter but is also a very greedy person. He wants all of the gold in the world and cares about his wealth. King Midas is a fairly old man with a mixture of brown and gray hair. Marygold is a beautiful little girl with gold locks and rosy cheeks with a beautiful smile.
  • Oh dear!! My poor Marygold!
  • After King Midas was told that he was going to receive the Golden Touch by a strange man with a very bright smile, King Midas grew very excited. King Midas was very happy after being granted his wish. This is where things get even more exciting, also known as the rising action.
  • Please help me!! I don't want anymore gold I want Marygold!
  • After King Midas was granted his wish, he began touching many things and turning them into golden plates. He also turned turned the roses in his garden into golden little plates. Later while he was waiting on Marygold to come in for breakfast, Marygold came in crying because of what happened to the roses. She thought that they were ugly and she hated how pointy they were, the beautiful smell was gone as well. This scene shows how Marygold's emotions change.
  • King Midas didn't expect for things to get EVEN worse! While King Midas tried to eat, everything had turned to gold. It was very disappointing. This is an example of situational irony because King Midas expected to eat happily, make Marygold happy, and turn anything he WANTED to gold. But everything went opposite. Marygold saw that he was upset and went to comfort him, except when Kind Midas kissed Marygold, she immediately turned into a golden statue!
  • King Midas quickly regret everything and has wished for everything to go back. This conflict was happening outside of his head so it is an external conflict. King Midas regretted everything and wanted nothing more but for Marygold to return back to normal. The strange man has returned and asked King Midas if he has learned his lesson and he immediately said yes.
  • The strange man finally told him how to return everything back to it's normal state. King Midas hurried and got everything done and also turned Marygold back too. King Midas learned his lesson to never be so greedy when family is way more important than wealth, which is the theme.
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