English Assessment 3
Updated: 9/22/2020
English Assessment 3

Storyboard Text

  • Arash Cowzi stood on a hill on the Kanterbury Farm Centre with the slaughter house behind him. Not too long ago a fellow cow, Da Mahn, had just been killed there
  • Escape Farm?Better life?
  • As a cow on KFC, (short for Kanterbury Farm Centre), you only served two purposes. 1. produce a litre of milk daily 2. produce at least one offspring every two years. if you fail to do either your better off as beef.
  • Farmer Sanders was one of the poorer farmers and couldn't afford to have what he called useless cattle on his farm. He was a cruel man who acted as a wolf in sheep clothing when others were around.
  • One day, whilst grazing in the plains Arash was struck with a brilliant idea. He had an idea to escape. You see cows aren't the smartest of animals but they've got pretty good imaginations.
  • His main obstacle to getting past the fence is the tigers. These tigers were underfed making them were vicious creatures.
  • While resting in the barn Arash couldn't stop thinking about ways to escape from the farm. He came up with what he thought to be a brilliant idea. He was going to dig out.
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