The giver comic strip
Updated: 2/13/2020
The giver comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Finally!
  • After Jonas and Gabe were hearing music while sliding down the snowy cold hill they came upon this wonderful site of a village. He then started to walk up to the homes very confused and scared. He saw a big green tree and lights glistening with the white crystal snow.
  • He knocked at the door twice, eventually, a tall middle-aged man and a little girl answered the door to a frozen helpless Joans and Gabe. They walked in right away to a warm shelter. Jonas went on about why he was here and where he had been, the family looked very confused but tried to help them out.
  • The kind family warmed Jonas and Gabe with blankets and warm soup. The family was still very confused and worried but helped them get to a normal healthy state. The family said they would inform the rest of the village the next morning. Jonas and Gabe went asleep quickly.
  • It was the next morning and Jonas was feeling uneasy about meeting the rest of the small village. The townspeople were also very confused but still welcomed Jonas and Gabe. The townspeople told Jonas and Gabe they were welcomed to stay for as long as they wanted. Jonas and Gabe decided to stay another night still confused and worried.
  • The next day the family decided to take Jonas and Gabe on a tour of the whole village. Jonas was in awe the whole walk because he had never seen this wonderful site before, Gabe, on the other hand, was sleeping silently. Jonas described everything he saw compared to memories the Giver had shown him. The smell, the air he described everything.
  • Kevin and Jessica both agreed to ask Jonas and Gabe if they wanted to leave there old community behind and join theirs. Jonas happily accepted. Jonas was finally in a community where they value people's differences and you're free to do what you please. Jonas lived happily ever after.