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Calvin and Hobbes: Daydream Dilemma
Updated: 3/12/2020
Calvin and Hobbes: Daydream Dilemma
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  • Ummmmmmm...
  • Can I come? I wanna go to space! I heard that if you die in there, you'll turn blue! Isn't that cool! I think it's cool. But I don't wanna die up ther, nosiree! I'm gonna die right here on ground, because I'm a ground animal not a space animal. Space animals are just aliens, like E.T! My favorite moive! What's your favorite movie? Mine's E.T! I allready said that right? Anyway, I know your favorite is Avengers, Calvin! And Calvin's dad, I don't know what you watch. Did I say my favorite movie is E.T? Hey, what were we talking about again?
  • Are you sure you want to go to space, Calvin?
  • Yay!
  • This is it Hobbes!
  • 20 years later...
  • Cool!
  • Now selling Moon Pies, On MERCERY!
  • Calvin...
  • Hobbes!
  • My Helmet! No Airrrrrrr....
  • Calvin!
  • Huh. what d'ya know, you do turn blue.
  • Comic Made By:Zhané WalkerInspiration from Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Comics
  • Hobbes! Dad! What happened to you guys?
  • My fur! Oh, My Orange Fur!
  • Hobbes was right! You do turn blue!
  • Space is just a cemetary for floating corpes!
  • Ow, My Back!
  • Cough! Cough!
  • You happened.
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