Watson's Comic Strip
Updated: 2/12/2020
Watson's Comic Strip

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  • hahahahahahaha
  • Hiya y'all
  • Who are these people?
  • hahahahahahaha
  • Kenny and his sister Joetta were riding the bus to school one day. Suddenly the bus stoped and two raggedy new kids got on. Everyone was making fun of them.
  • Class this is Rufus Fry. He will be joining our class starting today.
  • Larry Dunn threw an apple at the new kids from the back of the bus. One of the new kids got his hand up just in time to block Larry's throw. All of the kid on the bus we laughing and pointing at the new kids.
  • This made the bus driver very mad. He got up from his seat and said, "You see how you kids is? This boy shows some manners and y'all want to attack him, thats why nan one of y'all's ever gonnaa be nothin'!" Then he told them to sit next to Kenny and he went back to his seat.
  • Later that day during math the older kid from the bus came into the room with the principle. Mrs.Cordell told the class that his name was Rufus Fry.
  • Kenny seemed very frusterated about this but he had to help Rufus especially because the teacher was there.
  • Rufus you can sit here next to Kenny. Kenny will you help Rufus catch up on the worksheet?
  • Kenny listened to what the teacher said and helped Rufus to catch up on the worksheet.