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Updated: 2/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • In Anicent Greece there was Medusa. Yeah I know she isn't a ugly monster yet. Anyways she always bragged of how beautiful she was.
  • Im the most prettiest person in Athens! Everyone loves me
  • Yes you are!!
  • After, they went to the Agora, they went to pray. And ofcourse she told the gods that she was the prettiest.
  • Im the pretteist person ever! Don't you agree!
  • This is going to get bad.
  • Then they went to Athena's Temple. But when they go inside, Medusa will find a punishment waiting for her.
  • Omg why does Athena have her own Temple. She is ugly. Im the prettiest in Athens, Not her!
  • They go inside the Temple with Athena inside of it,
  • Hey Athena How are yo---
  • Medusa got caught!!! (Note: Pretend there talking there language)
  • No
  • Thats enough. I heard you. You have been saying your the prettiest one here, well guess what your not. For that I shall curse you.
  • NO!!!
  • Medusa got punished.
  • *Gasp* *Yells*: Your so Ugly
  • Your know the ugliest person ever. I hope you learned your lesson