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Artemis and Her Deer
Updated: 10/16/2020
Artemis and Her Deer
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  • Artemis, angered by the mans words decided to confront him.
  • O' man, who are you and what is your business with the wild!
  • I am the great Miltiades and I shall destroy the wild! You girl, whoever you are, shall be my first slave!
  • Artemis didn't waste anymore time. She pulled out her bow and nocked it. With a shout she fired her arrow clean through Miltiades' heart.
  • I am Artemis, goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation, childbirth, and eternal maidenhood! I am no ones slave!
  • Once Miltiades was dead, Artemis fed his body to the wolves and freed the captive deer.
  • There you are wolves, a feast!
  • The deer, grateful for Artemis saving their lives' decided to pull the chariot of Artemis for eternity. Artemis gave them her blessing and made them immortal.
  • I give you my blessing. From now on, you shall be immortal and pull my chariot forever. You shall be the strongest of your kind, my sacred deer!
  • From that point on, the sacred deer of Artemis were unharmed and immortal. They pulled Artemis' chariot in many major battles and aided her for eternity. Artemis lived peacefully for a while, hunting through the woods, and occasionally saving helpless animals. She was worshipped and loved by the wild.
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