Updated: 2/5/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Militarism! Alliances!
  • Warm-Up List the 4 MAIN Causes of WWI
  • Who is ready to go over the warm-ups? Share them with your table group.
  • Imperialism! Nationalism!
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand (and his wife!) of Austria Hungary were assassinated in Bosnia by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip.
  • We are fighting war in the Western Front. We are the Germans helping the Austria Hungarians in war. We are fighting against the French and the British.
  • I am Czar Nicholas II and I am currently struggling to manage the never-ending problems and absolutism. This is making me lose my popularity to the people. Me and my family will eventually be executed due to the revolts of the working class.
  • I am Vladimir Lenin and I led the Bolsheviks. I also got Russia out of the eastern front and later left my allies on their own after I signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany
  • In 1915, a German U-boat sank the Lusitania, a British passenger ship killing over 100 American passengers. The Germans promised to restrict what ships they sunk with their submarines. This causes the US to enter the war.
  • Armistice Signed: France, Great Britain, Germany, United States
  • The The American Expeditionary pushes the Germans one last time and forces the Western Front in France, causing the Allies to win the war. To end all fighting for both central and allies, these 4 countries signed the Armistice.