Unknown Story

Updated: 6/19/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Sumunguru was the king of the Ghana Empire. The Mali kingdom was under Ghana Empire.
  • I will report this straight away.
  • I have decided to stop trade with Malinke.
  • In Malinke, the great Sundiata Keita heard about this and his people wanted to revolt.
  • How could they stop our trade supply?!
  • We must fight!
  • The great battle between Keita and Sumunguru was known as the Battle of Kirina.
  • I can use use my poisonous arrow to kill Sumanguru.
  • The Battle of Kirina ended with Keita winning and Sumanguru dieing.
  • Keita now established a new kingdom
  • I have established a new kingdom- The Mali Empire!
  • Keita became King (Mansa) of the Mali Empire.
  • All hail Mansa Keita!