Gabriella Siman - 7B - Charlemagne 2
Updated: 2/7/2020
Gabriella Siman - 7B - Charlemagne 2

Storyboard Text

  • The church has too much power! We want more say!
  • someone help MEEEEE!!!!!
  • Everybody STOP! If someone else even slightly offends the pope, they will have serious consequences!!!
  • hehehe
  • All of your efforts to make Christianity important and also showing bravery for saving me, prove that you are ready to become the holy king!
  • Thank you so much!
  • This December 25, 800 AD, will always be remembered as the crowning of the holy king.
  • Great idea! I think that maybe we could do somethng with education so that we are all capabole of writing in a certain way and also show how "thoughtful" I am towards the kids of the community.
  • Now that you are king, you must do something really impresive to show that you are capable of being king.
  • Great idea sir!
  • I have an important announcement! I will bring in scholars to teach everyone how to read and write in a standard form to make it easy for everyone to understand. It will be called the Carolingian Miniscule!
  • He is the best! He is so thougthful! He is so kind!
  • WOW! It is amazing how you have such a comfortable place to study! We won't dissapoint you!
  • Here is wher you will teach everyone how to read and write in the Carolingian Miniscule format, this way it will be easier to write and comprehend by others.
  • Thank you so much sir! It was nice making deals with you too!
  • This plan worked out perfectly my loyal knight! It was nice making deals with you. Here is your part of the deal.