The Math Problem
Updated: 5/19/2020
The Math Problem

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  • I always had a problem with the area of a circle but then my dad explained it to me. I am going to teach you too if you have a problem with the area of a circle.
  • So the problem is that my dad wants to measure the area of this circle. First we need to know the formula of the area of a circle. Remember, you must memorize this formula: πr^2
  • So let us solve a problem together.
  • In the formula r=radius. So the radius is the center of the edge. So let's solve the problem shall we. Now the radius is 7 so let us plug it the variables.
  • So now it is π*7*7 and 7*7 is 49 so now it is 49π and you can simplify even further by doing 49*3.14. π is known as 3.14 so now we do the math and the answer should be 153.86‬
  • There is a circle and you are trying to find the area of that circle and the radius is 15. So what is the are of that circle?
  • Now I have a problem for you to solve.
  • Thanks for doing my problem I hope I helped you!!!
  • Divij AdhikaralaGrade:7