Unknown Story

Updated: 9/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Early life at school
  • I am getting to school and my friends are waiting for me .
  • Early life at home
  • One day before christmas I got my first dog as a present
  • Who am I at school now
  • I am on online school and it is a lot harder to work done from home .
  • I went to Longfellow elementary where I made lots of friend. I really like my elementary school we did a lot of fun activities there .
  • Who am I at home now
  • Eversince quarantine began I have started playing lots of video games on my free time.
  • Before I moved to my House I use to live in a apartment where I couldnt have a dog but when I move to my house my got our first dog.
  • Future life
  • I am about to have a soccer game.
  • Since this covid 19 came up I have been at home having to do online school just like everyone else.It hasn't been as fun as going to school like not normal but we have made it work out.
  • Future life
  • I have retired from soccer and am living life at my dream home.
  • Quarantine has made me start playing lots of games sometimes I can lose track of time and play for many hours.
  • This is me playing professional soccer which has made me accomplish my dream since I was a little kid.
  • After I retire from soccer I buy my dream with all the things that i have ever wanted in life which completes everything.