Updated: 3/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Edmund meets the queen/witch
  • Everyone now believes Lucy
  • Wow so Narnia is real sorry Luc,Told you! Now let's go inside and grab some coats
  • I messed up big time!
  • The kids find a disaster
  • Ah! what happened!?
  • I'm so bored and wish that I had not gotten caught
  • When Edmund goes on a hunt to find Lucy in the magic wardrobe,The queen spots him and asks him a few questions.She also gives him Turkish Delight,a warm drink,and a blanket to stay warm too.Then tells him to bring his other siblings when he has a chance.
  • Edmund starts to be mean to Lucy and tells they're other 2 siblings that Lucy is making up stories. The next day the 4 go into the wardrobe and believe Lucy when they finally see a winter wonder land in there.
  • When Lucy and her siblings find Mr.Tumnus's cave it was a disaster! The door was on the floor with shattered windows and fallen ice.There peter went inside and found a note saying that Mr.Tumnus was taken with the''captain of the secret police''.