Siege of Corinth
Updated: 9/9/2020
Siege of Corinth

Storyboard Text

  • there was a command about a month-long siege to the city!
  • Major General Henry Halleck !
  • The Siege Of Corinth April 29th to May 30, 1862.
  • Who has commanded this siege?!
  • The Siege ended when outnumbered confederates withdrew the battle on May 29th
  • We the Confederates will no longer be able to regain Western Tennessee!
  • We have won the victory for the Union!
  • The battle Siege of Corinth has ended in may 30, 1862
  • Now with the siege of Corinth completed, we now have the opportunity to strike towards Vicksburg!
  • After the second battle of Corinth that October, that Grant could strike for Vicksburg.