Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • let me sleep miguel,please,please
  • Elena i need your help!!!
  • The goat needed to be slaughtered ,so I need your help
  • Fine I will help
  • I preferred a hammer.!
  • I'd already tethered the goat and gather the tools for the slaughter.
  • miguel had woke up elena so she can help him with the goat for the party.
  • she took a deep breath and raised the hammer above her head.
  • then a hour later elena finally came so she can help miguel.
  • I gripped my knife and cut swiftly through the jugular vein.
  • than they went out to there little barn.
  • An elena held the hammer tightly in her small hands and looked the goatright in the eyes.
  • then miguel cut open the goat .!
  • then every one stared coming to miguel'sgoing-away party .