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Unknown Story
Updated: 8/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • 1) the tennis court oath:
  • why had the kind disbanded us!!
  • we shall never separate until a written constitution is made for France!!!
  • 2) women's march:
  • 3) reign of terror
  • why is the leader killing us all!!
  • the tennis court oath was about the men (the men in the story board up above) who decided not to separate until France decided to come out with a deceleration.
  • 4) Robespierre is executed
  • YAYYYY!!!
  • the women's march was over high price or bread and other food items for the women, they wanted equality. and so they decided to take a march .
  • 5) rise of nepolean
  • YAY! everyone likes me!!
  • the reign of terror was a scary era for a lot of people in that time. the leader at the time was seemingly killing the fellow people who lived in the nation. as you can see up above of the fear.
  • 6) the end of Neapolitan
  • in the storyboard above you can see that its Robespierre funeral. as you can see many people were not as upset as you may think. he was not a very good leader and people were very happy to see him go.
  • the rise of Neapolitan . the story board above is about the rise of Neapolitan and about why he was liked because he rapidly rose though the military ranks of the french revolution.
  • REST IN PEACE NEAPOLITAN!! as you can see above this is the funeral of Neapolitan. he died in 1821. many people were very sad to see him go as he was a good leader . he did a lot for his nation.
  • RIP Neapolitan!!!
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