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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Dad is going to kill us!
  • So how did grandpa punish you when he got home?
  • Well obviously he didn't kill us
  • "We ran around the house to grab a hose, and we were spraying feverishly to prevent it from burning down."
  • Finish this book by the time I get back
  • My dad seemed to be pretty excited to be talking about this
  • Lady Macbeth convinced him to kill King Duncan
  • Continue
  • "How he normally punished us was several weeks without being allowed out."
  • What happened to the tree afterwards?
  • "Normally we would have to check in with him and get handed a book..."
  • "and by the time my dad got home from work we would tell him about the book to prove we had actually read it."
  • He seemed to have a hard time remembering exactly what happened back then