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The Story of the Cyclops
Updated: 9/25/2020
The Story of the Cyclops
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  • Men don't eat other men!
  • Let's get ready to attack now that he's asleep!
  • Odysseus and his men found a cave to go rest in and enjoy the food and drink in there. They also noticed huge footprints leading up to the mysterious cave.
  • Cyclops was not very happy to see the men in his cave so when the men were trying to offer him gifts, he got super furious. This resulted in one of Odysseus' men getting eaten by the Cyclops!
  • I can't see!
  • At this point they couldn't move the huge rock to get out so they were trapped! So Odysseus gave the Cyclops wine to make him drunk so he would fall asleep, that way they can sneak up on him. One of the men played a lullaby to keep him asleep.
  • Adios!
  • I'll get you someday Nohbody!
  • A few of the men used a sharp pointed wooden stick to stab the Cyclops' eye to help them escape. Odysseus had a clever idea that the Cyclops would move the rock to open up the cave so they could safely get out of there.
  • One by one, the men escaped from the cave either by scooting by the blind Cyclops or they disguised themselves as sheep. One of the men dressed as a sheep got picked up, but was put right back down because the Cyclops thought it was an actual sheep.
  • They sailed with pride away from the Cyclops! Alone the Cyclops stood with a punctured eye.
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