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Film Shots
Updated: 10/2/2020
Film Shots
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Storyboard Text

  • Extreme Long Shot
  • CRASH!
  • Long Shot
  • Come on honey! Your going to be late for school!
  • Medium Shot
  • Coming Mom!!!
  • An Extreme Long Shot establishes the setting for which the film takes place, typically at the beginning of the movie. If characters are shown, it is from very far away, showing their whole body. It is meant to either "WOW" the audience or to just show the background.
  • Close Up Shot
  • What am I going to do?
  • A long shot's purpose is to start to introduce the characters. It shows there entire body, and is still mostly background. The difference between this and Extreme Long Shot is that the Long Shot is more meant for establishing people in the film.
  • Extreme Close Up Shot
  • The Medium Shot is when the audience starts to connect more with the characters in the film. It usually shows the character anywhere from the waist up, but CAN start at the knees. However, it never shows the whole body, and the background is no longer an important component in this shot.
  • Cut-In Shot
  • A Close Up Shot zooms in more on a character's face. In this shot, the character's facial expression is the main focus. It is close enough to where you can REALLY tell how a character is feeling. This is a good shot that is often used for showing a character's reaction to an event, in this case, accidentally breaking her lamp.
  • When a director uses the Extreme Close Up Shot, his/her purpose is to focus on specific facial FEATURES, as opposed to the entire expression on a character's face. In this instance, you are focused on the girls eyes, and how she looks worried or stressed.
  • A Cut-In Shot is used to focus on an object that a character is looking at, using, or is thinking about. It can also be an action that a character is doing, for example, "cutting-in" on a character typing and only showing his/her hands and the keyboard. It DOES NOT include the characters whole body or face.
  • Duh! Duh! Duh...!
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