Updated: 3/10/2020

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  • Coach, I'm really tired and it is hard to breath.
  • But when I normally play sports I barely get tired
  • Maybe it is just that you were working hard.
  • Well maybe there is something wrong with your lungs. Or maybe you have asthma.
  • Hello, why are you here today?
  • Well maybe you have asthma because during an asthma attack it is hard to breathe and you normally wheeze.
  • The next day...
  • Yes but you need the correct medications.
  • With asthma am I still allowed to play sports?
  • During my practice, I was wheezing and it was hard to breathe.
  • Also, during an asthma attack, your airways close up which makes it hard to breathe.
  • Yes, that is why you take medicines. Some medicines to take are bronchodilators, antihistamines, and trigger sensitivity reducers.
  • So that is why it is important to take the correct medications when needed. What kind of medicines are there?
  • Then you may have to come back and get a better medication.
  • Asthma can't be cured but it can be controlled with medicines. But if you use a certain type of medicine more than you should, then you might have to change the medicine.
  • What if my asthma gets worse?
  • Are there other facts about asthma?
  • Yes, and now I have medications to help with my asthma.
  • Yesterday I went to the doctor and he told me about my asthma.
  • Is your asthma under control?
  • No but I can control my asthma. Asthma is not treatable.
  • Also, I can do normal things but I always have to have my inhaler at all times.
  • Okay, but can your asthma get cured?
  • Now that you learned about asthma you can live a normal life.
  • Cold air can worsen your asthma. You should always carry around your inhaler in case you have a asthma attack.
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