Unknown Story
Updated: 2/25/2020
Unknown Story

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  • i don't want pain .
  • Victor Vs Monster
  • make another one of me !
  • fine fine ill make you one
  • do it now !
  • make one or else ill hurt you
  • new monster
  • Victor is back to talking the creature is done explaining how he felt and he wants victor to create one of him . " you must create a female for me with whom i can live in the interchange of those sympathies nescessary for my being . this is alone can do and i demand it of you as a right which is you us not refuse to concede . " Victor does not want to create anyone because of what he has done . "
  • The creature tells victor he has to make another one of him and a it has to be a female . victor didn't want to because he knew the creature was up to no good so he didnt want to but the creature said he had to or else victor would get hurt so he did . "you must create a female for me , with whom who can in the interchange of those . "
  • Victor ends up making the female creature and he made her better looking then his first one . they had a promise when victor makes the creature he would leave and never come back throughout making the female he is regretting to what he has done . "i had yelled at the creature
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