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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/22/2019
Unknown Story
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  • introduction 
  • hi my name is Chris and today i am going to teach you about causes of the civil war ,the out comes ,and why the war was so important
  • cause of the civil war
  • the people behind me are slaves they are one of the main reasons the civil war was these times the united states was divided in 2 the union and the confederacy which is the north and the south.
  • these are small skirmishes that led to the civil theses small skirmishes were caused by bleeding Kansas and other things
  • start of the war
  • You may be asking yourself why the civil war is so important.well let me tell you that this war is so important because it was fought for liberty.while this war was being fought the end of slavery was being discussed .
  • union war efforts
  • many people say that the civil war was fought over state right and other things but the main thing that started the war was slavery the U.S was divided in two the union and the confederacy, the union was made up of free states and the confederacy was made up of slave states the north wanted to end slavery but the south didn't and after so many arguments about it they ended up having a war the at would change the U.S history
  • because the union and the confederate states did not agree on slavery they had a lot of arguments and small skirmishes like the bleeding Kansas which had something to do with the Kansas Nebraska act in bleeding Kansas there was a lot of blood shed so this started more problems leading up to the war
  • the anaconda plan was a plan that was suggested by general Scott the plan was to form a blockade around the south so that they would not be able to trade for more supplies and they would eventually run out and they would be defenseless
  • while the war was rising the union was planning strategic attacks against the confederacy o plan was the anaconda which was suggested by general Scott the plan was to keep the south away from supplies and when they ran out they surrender
  • what you see behind me is the real deal war after this war there will be a lot of bloodshed but the union wins because the confederacy was not prepared and did not have enough supplies
  • with the war came a lot of bloodshed in destruction the union won
  • after the union won the debt was so big because there was so much destruction but the uniopn won and the slaves were now free
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